Finally: track your MRR goals in Stripe

Goals App is the best way to set and track your MRR goals with our progress bar, without ever leaving Stripe.
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We all check stripe hourly. Why not add a progress bar.

1. Set your MRR Goal and Choose Currency

Select from USD, EUR or GBP, and your MRR goal. We recommend choosing something achievable at first to gather momentum.

2. Track Your Progress With Our Progress Bar

View your progress via our progress bar, the first of its kind in Stripe. You can even edit if you change your mind.

3. Share Your Wins When You Hit Your Milestone (coming soon)

Whether it's your first $10 or $1m MRR, all the milestones matter. We've created a great screen shotting tool to easily share on Twitter or wherever else.


How much does it cost?


Goals app is currently 100% free.

Why did you build this?


As founders ourselves, we often make and track revenue goals, but usually do the tracking outside of Stripe. We thought: "why not add this to Stripe to avoid switching tabs?"

How do I share feedback or report bugs?


Just email us at, or tweet us at

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