Studio Ramen

Our community product studio, where Ramen Club community members come together to build free & paid tools to help founders.

Live projects:

  • PowerUp: Posting streak leaderboard creator for Slack communities. Credits: Inti Beer (Dev), Charlie Ward (PM)

Upcoming projects:

  • Goals:  Set revenue goals and track your progress with a Stripe native progress bar. Credits: Ostap Brehin (Dev), Vanessa Colina (Design), Charlie Ward (PM)
  • Spells: Generate AI images in your Slack workspace using Stable Diffusion. Credits: Ruud Niew (Dev), Charlie Ward (PM)
  • PFP Hunter: Browse & download PFPs (profile pictures). Credits: Tristan Adlington (Dev), Charlie Ward (PM)
  • HN Trends: Twitter bot telling you trending topics in Hacker News. Credits: Kester Dobson (Dev), Charlie Ward (PM)

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